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I’m a 20 years old girl from Hungary.. Fan Tumblr about “Monster High” from mattel. Made for post pictures, sites, texts, tips and a bit of everything related dolls and stories.. Cleo and Clawdeen want to help Draculaura, so they decide to throw her a surprise party. But her boyfriend, Clawd, is not finding it any easy to get Draculaura a really nice present, and he decides to ask for some advice to her friends. Things get complicated when Valentine, a vampire that Draculaura used to date, shows up. He was the one that made Draculaura wonder Why do Ghouls fall in love? Farnum rescues them, and agrees to take them to the Great Barrier Reef.

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When first introduced she was 15 days old her age is assumed to have gone up as days passed. Clumsy, polite, kind, and a good friend to have and be around, Frankie has black and white hair in the show, but in the novel it is black except when she is at the monster-themed dance , and her body is held together by stitches and has neck bolts. She is considered the new ghoul in school and eager to make friends although this is no longer the case.

She used to have a crush on Deuce Gorgon, which made Cleo de Nile upset. This character has heterochromia , two different colored eyes and hair. City of Frights and 13 Wishes – Clawdeen is the daughter of a werewolf and has an older brother named Clawd Wolf, a younger sister named Howleen Wolf and an older sister named Clawdia Wolf.

The American fashion doll franchise Monster High, created by Mattel, was adapted into an animated web series released on series follows a group of teenage characters who are the children of famous monsters in media and film as they attend high school.

Dopo un po’ di tempo, i due fecero il loro modo alla provincia di Dacia che nei giorni moderni ricoprono parzialmente con la Transilvania, [2] dove la madre di Draculaura divenne una donna di casa di Dracula. Il Necrofilo le Prossimo menzioni di Porta che lei ha un zio chiamato Vlad. Le piace vestirlo in rosa, abiti coordinati. Claw allora fraintendo il consiglio di Cupid va a Scaris con Deuce e Heath.

Draculaura quando lo incontra si commuove al suo attocco di super gelosia: Prima della sua datazione Clawd, Draculaura ha avuto interesse a molti ragazzi. Il suo volto non si vede mai, e sembra essere stato un personaggio esclusivo a quella puntata. Tuttavia, non accadde nulla di questo rapporto a causa di Jackson dimenticando tutti i loro piani per le date serali.

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Early life Young Shizuka and Jonouchi Jonouchi used to live with his sister, Shizuka and would walk all around town with her. Shizuka was brought by their mother while Jonouchi lived with their father. He often got into fights and developed great fighting skills. He also hung out with Hiroto Honda.

This webisode takes place before Ghouls Rule, if the introduction of speed-dating is anything to go by. Fehler Bearbeiten Heath throws up four balls, but five come ige: Bean Scare, Done That.

Simple as that, and if you do like these stories then I hope you enjoy. I’m new at the Monster High franchise so if I get things mixed up please don’t act like your two and be all in my face about it. I wrote this because I was bored and also because Clawdeen and Draclaura are my favorite Monster High chicks. And no, no crazy sexual content is in this, its a slow first-its-a-secret story. Also, it was just for fun, i love monster high the way it is, and i do not have some weird obsession for Clawdeen and Draclaura to be together.

Only positive or encouraging comments only. Now if you are saying “well maybe you could add this” that sorta comment im okay with. I just kept nodding in hopes she would can it and let us go on with out undead lives. I stared down at my boots and took a deep breath.

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I fit in my locker, trash cans He is the son of Dr. Jekyll and just like his father he can turn into Holt Hyde. Contents Portrayers Jackson, like his alter-ego Holt, is voiced by Cindy Robinson in the English version of the cartoon.

Product – Monster High Power Ghouls Clawdeen Wolf Exclusive ” Doll [Wonder Wolf] Product Image. Price $ Monster High Ghouls Rule – Cleo De Nile 12 inch doll exclusive! Product Image. Price $ Shipping Speed Items & Addresses;.

He is a werewolf and a student at Monster High. He comes from a family with many children—among which Clawdia , Clawdeen , and Howleen —and is currently the oldest of the ones still living at home. Having grown up among so many people to consider, Clawd has developed an extensive set of leadership skills for which he is known and appreciated at school. He is the captain of the casketball team, the football team, and the SKRM team, as well as a respected member of the track team. Like most of his siblings, he has clear goals for his career after the school.

He wants to go into sports medicine and though he has a busy schedule daily, he knows to prioritize getting the grades needed for that.


Heath wurde von Abbey “abgelehnt” wegen seinem und ihren Aussehen. Es ist unbekannt, wie dies transpiriert werden sollte. It may be in some sort of mountain fashion, but it is most likely he is supposed to just say the words “Would you like to go out? When the normies pranked the school, Abbey shields Heath from a violent attack of pumpkins, which he appears grateful for until Manny Taur mocks him for being ‘saved by a girl’, and in embarassment he rejects her. Abbey doesn’t understand this, since in her village the girls are completely equal to the boys.

This webisode takes place before Ghouls Rule, if the introduction of speed-dating is anything to go by. Errors. Heath throws up four balls, but five come down. Other. According to the schedule published on the main website, this episode was to air on October 4th, whereas Bean Scare, Done That was to Previous: Bean Scare, Done That.

I cannot function without a proper schedule and I do not process last minute changes very well. My zombie nature also means that I walk rather slowly, have trouble making facial expressions and can only speak…well…zombie. An owl named Sir Hoots A Lot. The perfect companion even though he absolutely refuses to be a message courier for me. I love to read and learn new things. Books always fit into my schedule.

Last minute schedule changes and monsters who cannot speak zombie. There is nothing quite so frustrating as arriving late and having to explain why to a monster that does not understand you. Unfortunately, the narrow constraints of this question preclude me from answering it. I cannot choose just one. I believe there is something to be learned from every class. Even dodge ball teaches one to duck. I actually have quite the affinity for rapidly prepared, mass-market cuisine.

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Contents [ show ] Plot The story starts with Frankie narrating a story about the genie of the lantern, Gigi, who stops her “shadow” Djinni “Whisp” Grant from influencing Fawn. After the starting sequence, Frankie meets up with Draculaura, Cleo, Ghoulia, Abbey, Clawdeen and Lagoona and they all discuss wishes for the new year. A while later, Howleen bumps into Gory and is called “fur-gettable”. Howleen’s best-friend, Twyla, tries to comfort her but she takes it to heart.

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Mortal Recoil – Part 2 of a two-part episode. Princess Bubblegum is put into the hospital after accidentally being dropped into the Lich’s well of power by the Ice King. The evil mutated Bubblegum drinks a tub full of green liquid literally and grows to giant size. Dad’s Dungeon – Finn and Jake go exploring a dungeon that their dad have made, which was created as a way to toughen Finn up. Upon entering the second part of the dungeon which they gotten to through the Flower Path; as they wonder though, they walk on top of a table filled with fruit as well as three witches hovering around them.

Each one telling them to eat a fruit. The boys at first took no notice to them due them arguing but that change when Finn snaps and says he will eat an apple. Jake knowing that the fruits are cursed stops him from eating it by for whatever reason he shrinks down and grabs it. The GTS scene is with Jake, still shrunken with the cursed apple in hand lands next to one of the witches whom is leaning on the table and shoves the apple in her mouth and force her to a bit out of it.

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This’ll ruin my life! That’s something that you can’t have when Rick shows up. Everything real turns fake, everything right is wrong, all you know is that you know nothing and he knows everything. He’s more like a demon or a super fucked up god.

Monster High: Ghouls Rule – English Transcript For years, Monster High students were warned that Halloween was a night to stay inside, but Frankie and her friends decide that this Halloween they’re going to celebrate their individuality!

In the aftermath of Ghouls Rule, when there aren’t emergencies or crowds, Abbey knows she and Heath have a lot to talk about. And somewhere on the internet possibly in the same place, I don’t remember , someone said they weren’t really keen on Heath, who for a long, long time was That Creeper Who Wouldn’t Stop, eventually being rewarded with a girlfriend Basically, I just wanted to make sense of all that. So I re-watched Ghouls Rule, and this happened. November started with party cleanup and relief at Monster High.

Holt and Jackson was safe, the human population of New Salem had made some pretty significant strides toward not wanting to lynch their monster neighbors, and Abbey had been relieved to hear that Frankie wasn’t upset about Clair kissing Jackson. When they’re a little more in synch, then we’ll see. And if that means I missed my chance, it’s better than knowing they’d fight over me if they could figure out how. Early in the first week of November, Abbey watched Heath at lunch– when she saw him get up to dump his tray still most of the lunch period left, that was good , she headed up to him and touched his shoulder.

Because–” That was interesting, but Abbey cut him off. She wondered if he knew how much that touch could hurt her without the necklace’s magic and leading him into the deserted clawditorium. You are friends with him.

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