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January 31 Chris’s Post Race Review and a long rant The result was a positive effort as Corvette Racing begins its 20th season of competition.

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But it was such a great success that we are considering having another Via Hellenica in the spring of It would be very much the same as the Via Hellenica on these pages. All depends on your interest. You can let us know your interest at: It was a great success, just judge by yourself, have a look here. For we will be inviting classic cars up to for a similar rally. See the rally route section. It is a beautiful drive of less than km to Ancona.

The ferry will be leaving the next Sunday. The ferry will bring the cars to Patras, where the rally will officially begin on September 18,

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Links Click on images to see a larger version. Right click on image and select ‘Save As’ to download. January 21, – Impromptu Fun Run – Matt Doscher took a look at the forecast earlier this week and decided to set up a fun run to take advantage of some long-missing warm temperatures and sunny skies. Nearly a dozen antique cars and close to two dozen members showed up for the start at Noon in the Farm Fresh parking lot off Mount Pleasant Road in Chesapeake.

With its unveiling in , Corvette set the tone for the history of sports cars in America. Become a part of that history by taking delivery of your new Corvette at the National Corvette Museum. And while you’re there, check out the hundreds of Corvette models, as well as several interactive displays, are arranged in showrooms focusing on design, engineering, Corvette Racing and more.

Private Resort Tagline: It turned out to be an unamusing sex comedy romp about two sex-crazy guys spending a wild weekend in a luxury Miami, Florida resort hotel. The two female-chasing buddies who were both briefly bottomless were: Jack an early screen appearance by Johnny Depp Ben Rob Morrow, in his screen debut The film opened with the camera scanning oodles of bikini-clad beauties by the resort’s pool.

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What is the reason for this flag? In July of , less then three months after installation a section of the top started to peel and flake off and progressively got worst. We immediately notified Corvette Central, provided pictures as requested and they agreed that the top was indeed defective.

Katalozi Politerm KATALOG za Proizvođače i Distributere Ugostiteljske Opreme PoliTerm KATALOG za industriju. (U PRIPREMI) Napomena: PoliTterm katalozi ne obuhvataju našu kompletnu ponudu. Ukoliko želite nešto što nema u katalogu, kontaktirajte nas, izaći ćemo vam u susret i .

There are at least five people or companies that operate both liberal and conservative partisan news sites. These publishers work both sides of the aisle in order to capture as much revenue as possible, and to hedge against one side or the other dropping off in terms of growth. Of the websites in the database, are conservative and are liberal. While this data set does not include all partisan news sites that cover American politics, its size and comprehensiveness suggests that the partisan conservative universe is bigger and more established than its counterpart on the left.

The number of people running partisan conservative news sites outside the US is significant. The now-famous cluster of mostly pro-Trump sites run from Macedonia is the largest international group in the database, with at least 77 sites and 51 Facebook pages as of early However, as this research was in progress, Facebook shut down roughly three dozen US politics pages run by Macedonians , and some of the websites associated with them stopped publishing.

The number of Macedonian-run sites and Facebook pages is constantly in flux as sites and pages are killed and new ones are launched. Writers for many of the newer partisan sites are compensated for their articles by a share of the advertising revenue earned from their stories.

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Floodwaters are receding in the north Queensland town of Giru after a record peak in the Haughton River cut access to the town and flooded streets, but no homes have been inundated.

Australia Even though the Australian market of today mainly consists of Australia’s own automotive companies alongside Asian automobile brands, Australia once had its fair share of American cars as well. Bodies for the local assembly of Chevrolets were built in Australia as early as [45]: From the early s to the early s the Chevrolet name was also used on various light commercials in Australia. The Holden VF Commodore was exported from Australia to the United States as the Chevrolet SS until Holden ended production in May during its transition to a distribution platform of vehicles that are sourced from GM’s American and international plants that is expected to badge as Holden vehicles.

These vehicles will retain the Chevrolet badge and nameplate, and will be converted to RHD in Australia. In addition to the announced relaunch, Holden Special Vehicles confirmed in December that it will add the Camaro and Silverado to their performance lineup. In the s, the advertising jingle “braaivleis, rugby, sunny skies and Chevrolet” [53] adapted from the US “Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pies and Chevrolet” came to epitomise the ideal lifestyle of white male South Africans. However, since South Africa was right-hand drive and the US was left-hand drive, along with encouragement by the South African government to use local content, Chevrolets such as the Biscayne were eventually made entirely in South Africa, along with GM’s “own car for South Africa”: Due to local content laws the cars usually received different engines than in their home markets.

However, these were replaced by Opel models like the Rekord , Commodore , and Senator , and in the Chevrolet brand name was dropped in favour of Opel. Because of the political climate at the time, GM decided to divest from South Africa in , and a local group eventually bought out GM’s South African operations including the Port Elizabeth plant and renamed the company Delta Motor Corporation , which concentrated on Opels, Isuzus, and Suzukis, built under licence. However, thanks to an improved political climate in the s, GM decided to reenter South Africa, eventually buying out the whole of Delta.

In , the Chevrolet name made a comeback, used on the Lumina , a rebadged Holden Commodore , and later on, on the Daewoo range of cars.


Email Hidden away in a storage unit in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a Corvette convertible: Bryar Blue, white top, , four-speed, wearing its original Firestone Wide Oval tires, percent stock and un-wrenched upon, with one-owner miles. He had one with many fewer miles, plus Kevan bought his Corvette brand new.

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Newsletter Subscribe to the RaceChip newsletter to benefit from exclusive offers and be informed of our latest news. Submit There was a problem with the subscription. Thank you for your subscription. Driving is so much more than just a practical way of getting from A to B. What exactly is chip tuning? Chip tuning is the latest form of electronic engine tuning.

RaceChip tuning boxes run with our own software that we modify to work with each engine so that it optimizes the electronic signals to and from the engine. The RaceChip mostly modifies the signals to the injection system and taps into engine reserves built in by the manufacturer. Our method of engine tuning uses the same principle of electronic enhancement that the manufacturers use to differentiate between models that use the same engine block. For example, almost all current BMW 4-cylinder engines use the same 2-liter block but have very different outputs thanks to changes in the ECU.

That means we can get more performance from almost any turbo diesel both common rail and pump-nozzle or blown gasoline engine. How much more power can I get with chip tuning? And our chip tuning always stays well within the reserves built into an engine. Is there a RaceChip for my vehicle?


Originally assembled on April 5, , this Corvette LS7 Convertible really is the best of both worlds, combining classic midyear styling with C6 Z06 power and comfort! Built on a Jamison’s Custom Corvette tube chassis, this car is so comfortable to drive and handles so well that you will forget it’s a ’65! This car is just about as fresh as it gets too, showing just 1, miles since its nut and bolt restoration and build.

The body on this car has been dressed as a ’67, showing a ’67 stinger hood, ’67 fenders, and a ’67 back-up light in the rear. This car’s paint is vg-exc, showing a gorgeous, deep, show-quality shine. Cloth convertible top is vg, convertible top latches are newer, and the stainless steel windshield trim has been polished to a chrome-like finish.

Get up-to-the-minute environmentally-friendly (or egregiously unfriendly) car news, reviews, high-quality photos and commentary about living green.

For three years she had suffered from either constipation or such urgency to go that she would have to make a run for it. Her doctor had little to offer other than lifestyle tips such as ways to reduce stress – but when she looked on the internet there seemed to be plenty of websites suggesting ways to help. Indeed, she found it difficult to choose between supposedly life-changing treatments – from diets to tests and numerous supplements. IBS affects one in five people in the UK and is caused by the contents of the bowel being pushed along too quickly or too slowly So swayed by the promise of a quick cure, one day when her symptoms were particularly bad Fiona hit on one which recommended a mixture of vinegar, ginger and egg to ease painful bloating and regulate bowels.

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Добро пожаловать на самый большой интернет автопортал Здесь вы найдёте недорогие, качественные автомобили, независимо от того, ищете ли Вы новые автомобили или автомобили с .

While getting there was fun, we had just three days to traverse the 2, plus miles from our home in Southern California to Effingham about halfway between St. Louis and Indianapolis in south-central Illinois , and the requirement that we average close to miles per day, which limited our eastbound sightseeing to what we could see along the interstates through the windshield and side windows at moderately extra-legal speeds.

We didn’t have quite the same time restraints for our return trip. After spending three days and four nights in Effingham we stayed over an extra day to photograph several cars in the MY Garage collection , we still had at least five full days available for traveling and touring as we headed toward the West Coast. The trip home would be mostly spontaneous, with only two “mandatories. Otherwise, well, whatever looked or sounded interesting was where we’d go.

For most of the or-so-mile run to St.

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We planned to make our dreams come true. The evidence of success would be a candy apple red Corvette on our second wedding anniversary. A recession was our graduation gift and a second anniversary pregnancy replaced the Corvette.

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